Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear Life

Last night, I had a dream. Probably, I should say I had a nightmare. But this dream that I had isn't any normal. It taught me a lesson. I am used to believing that human life is short and we should enjoy every of our day as if it's the last day of our life. I had never appreciated my life. Health was never an issue for me. It's not because I am born with unique genetics that could save me from any diseases or illnesses. I simply do not believe in staying healthy just to lengthen my life span.

For the past few years, I realized that I am not in a good health condition. Sometimes, I had back pain and heartache. But I still continued living my life as usual; eating deep-fried and junk food. It's not like I was scared of death. If I am to die early, why not just continue enjoying your life to the end.

But last night wasn't any simpler dream. It was the night that I felt the pain that had taken away many life. I was struck with an heart attack. It was the most gruesome pain I had. No blood was spilled. There's nothing you could do but to stand the pain until it stops or snatches your life away. I never felt this weak before. When i realize it, it was just a dream.

P.s. Not to worry. My mum stuffs me with lots of fruits everyday.


  1. What about staying healthy TO enjoy life till the very end?